Minli Gao is a born Chinese, but is clearly gripped by both the content and the exoticism of Tibetan culture.



Tibet is an autonomous region of China, with its own background and culture.

Lamaic Buddhism in Tibet is in itself a unique hybrid of Buddhism, Hindu Tantrism and Bon, the original belief. Together it produces a mysterious and mystical mixture of schools of thought and esoteric currents.
The culture is formed by high mountains, Tibet is called the 'roof of the world', rough and inhospitable, where people live close to nature and are strongly dependent on each other.

Rough-haired cattle, the Yak's, are grown there, resistant to the cold of the eternal snow.
And also the people are solidly built, able to withstand a tough climb, physically but also spiritually.

And the style of painting of Minli Gao is clearly aimed at capturing and depicting its essence.

He depicts a strong, tough world, imbued with a very personal, penetrating magic.
A world depicted with direct, wild looking, but extremely controlled brushstrokes.
A world in which China/Tibet, Europe, India and Central Asia meet and merge into a whole new world.

Minli Gao had many exhibitions in China, but also in the Netherlands, France and Türkey